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Site Stats

Games with Leaderboards8 games
Levels with Leaderboards154 levels
Total IL Leaderboards615 boards
Perfect Score61500 points
Known Players508 players
Ranked Runs4282 runs
Last updated Jul 16 2024 06:00:23 EST

IGT Development Roadmap / Planning (as of October 22, 2023)

  • Develop a combined leaderboard for single-category-multi-variable games.
  • Update game leaderboard view. (Show tied-WR players.)
  • Investigate sub-second ranking issues.
  • Investigate player history table issues.
  • Update game list view. (Preparing for more games!)
  • Add "Today's World Record History" section. (So you can check in daily!)
  • Add Agent Under Fire. (Requested. Needs new scoring system.)
  • Add Wave Race 64. (A classic with a long history, makes for a great fit.)
  • Add GoldenEye Wii. (Requested.)
  • Add Nightfire. (Requested.)
  • Add other F-Zero games. (I feel like they'd be a good fit here!)
  • Look over more game requests / candidates.